Friday, September 24, 2010

Addicted to Decorating

You know who you are

Stand up and be proud

If you're addicted to decorating

Shout your name out real loud.

You wait for the mailman

In hopes he'll come soon.

Please bring a new magazine

With gorgeous new rooms.

Your evening's complete;

"Let me just read in peace".

Lock the door to the bedroom.

Don't let THEM find the keys.

You watch HGTV

From morning till night.

Do we need all those channels?

When that ONE seems just right.

You rearrange furniture

All day in your head.

And you can't seem to stop it;

Not even in bed.

Your magazines date back...

10 years and some longer;

Cause you've dog-eared a page;

To read again in the future.

You carry your paint chips,

Tape measure & swatches

So you'll always be ready

To create special touches.

Your ultimate vacation...

Where shopping's a must.

Who needs sandy beaches?

If it rains.that's a plus.

If one of these statements

Sound familiar to you.

You're addicted to decorating;

That's ok...we are too.

So take the inspiration

You've been collecting for years:

Let's apply it to your home

And erase all your fears.

Poem by Christine @ Rooms Revealed