Sunday, September 19, 2010

10 Reasons 2 Buy Antiques

1. Save money. Really live better.

Antiques are often reasonably priced and can be found in any price range.

2. Buying local does not just apply to tomatoes and kohlrabi.

When you buy an antique, you are supporting a small, locally owned business.

3. George Washington did not sit in your La-Z-Boy.

Antiques are tangible pieces of history.

4. There is no such thing as a McBlanket Chest.

Antiques are unique and offer nearly endless variety.

5. 100% post-consumer content.

Antiques are the most environmentally responsible choice for home decorating.

6. There are enough ten-year-old futons on Craig’s List.

Antiques retain significant resale value.

7. No allen wrench required.

Antiques offer solid, quality construction, and durability.

8. Industrial cable spools and pilfered milk crates do not

constitute a living room suite.

Antiques are stylish, and can accommodate anyone’s decorating tastes.

9. Forty cents per hour was a fair wage in 1940, not 2010.

Antiques are socially responsible—none are made in sweatshops.

10. If it’s not French, it’s crap!

Antiques can be a source of ancestral or regional pride.
Please visit your local Antique Store