Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What kind of person are you?

I heard a long time ago that
there are two kinds of people. 

Those that collect stuff and those
that collect experiences. 

I have always been a stuff kinda gal. 

I don't collect anything in particular
but I do like to decorate. 
I am not your typical shop-aholic. 
I like a bargin and my weekness is anything painted white and chippy, especially if it's French or old. 

My stuff mentality was working until
I adopted the mantra "Simplify"

My life was anything but simple and all
that stuff has not made simplifying any easier. 

I started by decluttering my home and promising not to buy
anything unless it was both beautiful and useful.  

I no longer feel the need for more stuff.  

My new mantra is
"More Experiences and Less Stuff" 

I am sure this has been brought on by the never ending
recession and not by my new simplified life.  

Whatever the reason,
 I am happy to give up the
stuff for more experiences
with my children and husband. 

Are you collecting stuff or experiences?