Friday, July 23, 2010

Most Charming Place Ever

I took a road trip to a little town called Springfield, TN. Super charming. I went there to buy an Antique French Daybed from a local artist named Wanda Choate. She had it in her art studio, located behind her house. I had to share a pic of her art studio also known as True dream studio would look just like it.

The most charming little place I've ever seen. Outside was a beautiful garden, koi pond, bronze statues, fountains and an aviary for her chickens.... I could go on forever. She also told us about Burdett's Tea Shop where we had the best lunch and tea. Please check out Wanda's website she is an amazing artist.

Oh ya....and the best part of the trip was getting to take a little piece of her charming home with me.... Sorry, the bed is not going in the Antique booth. I can't part with it just yet!